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Ciba Vision - FreshLook - Monthly Disposable
Deal Price    995
Product Description

FreshLook Color Blends are cosmetic disposable contact lenses manufatured by Ciba Vision that promotes comfort and convenience in an array of subtle and vibrant colors at affordable prices. FreshLook Color Blends lenses use a technologically advanced process to produce realistic color changes. These contacts are specifically designed to work with your natural eye color and provide a beautiful look. They are daily wear contact lens designed for monthly replacement. The three in one technology ensures that the natural depth of your eyes is ensured and your eyes appear larger to increase your appeal.

Johnson & Johnson - Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism - 2weeks Disposable
Deal Price    2195
Product Description

Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism (AOFA) lenses are silicone hydrogel reusable toric contact lenses that are smooth and flexible, protects the eyes from enemies : dryness, stinging and redness. Hydraclear Plus technology provides excellent wettability and silky smooth feeling. Class 1 UV protection provides the highest UV protection among all other lenses. Accelerated Stabilized Design (ASD) harnesses positive lid interaction so blinking stabilizes lens within 60 seconds.

Contact Lens - Prosthetic
Deal Price    1500
Product Description

Prosthetic contact lenses mask flaws and improve the appearance of an eye disfigured from a birth defect, trauma, or eye diseases. If certain structures of the injured or disfigured eye also fail to function properly, special prosthetic lenses can be designed to block excess light from reaching the back of the eye to reduce glare and increase comfort

Johnson & Johnson - Acuvue Oasys - 2 weeks Disposable
Deal Price    1995
Product Description

Acuvue Oasys lenses are silicone hydrogel reusable lenses that are smooth and flexible, protects the eyes from four enemies: dryness, redness, stinging and redness. Hydraclear Plus technology provides excellent wettability and silky smooth feeling. Class 1 UV protection provides the highest UV protection among all other lenses. The lenses breathe for your eyes to intake maximum oxygen needed for to maintain the whiteness of your eyes.

Contact Lens - XChrome
Deal Price    3300
Product Description

X-Chrome lenses also know as Dyslexia Lenses is a red contact lens, worn in one eye only was recommended by La Bissoniere, as long ago as 1974, in an attempt to overcome certain red-green colour deficiencies and enhance colour discrimination, by allowing a comparison of the different contrasts then perceived by the two eyes. If you suffer from inherited or acquired colour deficiency or colour deficiency, X-chrome lenses can help you. The depth of the tint is decided empirically. Ideally it should be dense enough to allow benefit but not to cause suppression. Most color deficient succeeds to perform on Ishihara Plates.

Johnson & Johnson - Acuvue2 - Value Pack - 2 weeks Disposable
Deal Price    2395
Product Description

A fortnightly disposable lens that is comfortable to wear and easy to put on. The lens belongs to hydrogel family to provide you the immediate feel of comfort. Acuvue 2 Value pack at best price for huge savings.

Bausch & Lomb - PureVision2 - Monthly Disposable
Deal Price    2300
Product Description

PV-2, a monthly disposable Silicone hydrogel lenses, made using Duo Technology - AerGelTM Material and PerformaTM Surface, provides triple benefits to the wearer in the form of more oxygen, minimum dryness and deposits. Balanced integration of lens design, material properties and manufacturing process ensures successful fit and superior comfort in majority of patients with a single-fitting parameter.

Bausch & Lomb - U4 - Yearly
Deal Price    800
Product Description

The three series of economical lens from Bausch & Lomb is most popular lenses available type at the most economical bracket of price range. The lenses are made of Polymacon material and have very low water content of 38.6%. They resist deposit formation and thus allows lenses to be used for a period 6 months on an average continuously on daily wear basis.  Spin cast lens technology makes them a thin lens and Aspheric back surface allows them to fit comfortably.

Bausch & Lomb - Soflens66 Toric - Monthly Disposable
Deal Price    2000
Product Description

Monthly disposable hydrogel lenses SofLens66 Toric represents an innovation in toric lens technology through the unique Lo-Torque Prism Ballast design and the FormCast manufacturing process that provide consistent rotational stability and fitting performance. 360 deg comfort chamfer peripheral curve ensures even thickness distribution from top to bottom of lens and reduces overall lens mass.

Bausch & Lomb - PureVision2 - Monthly Disposable - Presbiopia
Deal Price    4500
Product Description

PureVision2 Multi-Focal contact lenses has been designed for exceptional vision for Presbyopia. 3-Zone Progressive Design provides improved near and intermediate vision with excellent distance vision for a more natural visual experience The thin, rounded edge allows for smooth transition from conjunctiva tissue to the lens. Thin, rounded edge design, thin overall lens design offers outstanding comfort throughout the day.

Alcon - Air Optix Astigmatism - Monthly Disposable
Deal Price    995
Product Description

Silicone Hydrogel Monthly Disposable Toric lenses designed on precision balance 8/4 design that minimizes lower lid lens interaction and provide excellent comfort. The lenses are exceptionally stable to provide consistent rotation and steady vision.

Ciba Vision - Air optix - Monthly Disposable
Deal Price    2100
Product Description

Silicone Hydrogel Monthly Disposable lens with 5 times greater oxygen transmissibility leads to whiter healthy looking eyes. The lenses are treated with permanent biocompatible plasma that resists deposits and provides better surface wetting for enhanced comfort. Bi-aspheric design restores natural vision.

Bausch & Lomb - B4 - Yearly
Deal Price    800
Product Description

The three series of economical lens from Bausch Lomb is most popular lenses available type at the most economical bracket of price range. The lenses are made of Polymacon material and have very low water content of 38.6%. They resist deposit formation and thus allows lenses to be used for a period 6 months on an average continuously on daily wear basis. Spin cast lens technology makes them a thin lens and Aspheric back surface allows them to fit comfortably.

Bausch & Lomb - Soflens 59 - Monthly Disposable
Deal Price    1299
Product Description

Monthly disposable hydrogel lenses made with award winning "UniFit Technology". The technology represents manufacturing process that ensures a balanced integration of lens design, material properties and manufacturing process to achieve simplicity in lens fitting or refitting, with a single-fitting parameter. The two more features, Comfort Tangent and Asymmetric Tapered-Edge Profile, are primarily responsible for the exceptional comfort of this lens. Equalized Mass Distribution provides for crisp vision and allows for smooth interaction at the lens cornea and lens lid interface.

Johnson & Johnson - Natural Look - Quarterly Disposable
Deal Price    800
Product Description

Natural Look Cosmetic Lenses are made with RPlV technology with a centre thickness of 0.06 mm and water content of 38.6%. The pigments are sandwiched between the lens material to ensure prolonged wearing comfort.

Alcon - O2 Optix - Monthly Disposable
Deal Price    1195
Product Description

A lens type that allows you to enjoy the benefits of silicone hydrogel lenses at a most affordable price, designed to be used on monthly disposable basis. The lenses are very good to provide overall better health of the cornea compared to conventional lenses.

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Great service. Good Prices. Delivered sooner than promised. Infact, the expected date of delivery could have been reduced(or put in a range) a bit less as I have second thoughts whereas delivery was much sooner.


Good customer service..


Great services. Helpfull staff

Rosy Phull

Thanks for the prompt delivery

Shanmugaraj Rajamanickam

Very good

Rajendra Kale
Delighted with the service. Sumisti Ma`am was extremely responsive and provided excellent support. Product was good and delivered well in time. Thank you!
Prabal Moudgil
Good servises, with gifts Thanks
i am very much satisfied of your product, packaging and price. pl remind me after three months for repurchase
Very nice service and apt follow ups
Vipin Saboo
best service i like it!

Good service. Will be purchasing again next time.

Arjun Bhatia

Best website of shopping . I am highly satisfied with the services rendered by Deals4Opticals. The correct & accurate product was delivered at Udaipur in promised time. The after sales service was also excellent. They always call the customers to confirm regarding receipt of the items. I shall recommend Deals4Opticals to others also.. Maintain the quality product and service all the time. By best wishes to the team. Thanks


Great service!! Received product earlier than expected nd frndly customr service


Supbb service, supbb quality of products. Thanks soo much. I will shop more.

Kunal Vaghela

Awesome product and Awesome delivery... Hats off..

Senthil Kumar.K

Best place to order contact lenses! These people are excellent and highly professional.

S. Giri

Nice products, timely delivered...satisfied!

Dharminder Kumar Verma



I am a returning customer. I am highly satisfied with the services rendered by Deals4Opticals. The correct & accurate product was delivered at Bangalore in promised time. The after sales service was also excellent. They always call the customers to confirm regarding receipt of the items. Moreover, they always add some freebie with the orders. I shall recommend Deals4Opticals to others also. My only suggestion is that the freebie items need to be changed as returning customers are getting the same item every time which becomes a surplus. Maintain the quality product and service all the time. By best wishes to the team. Thanks


Genuine products were delivered on time.l am happy with the discount and freebie offered by deals4opticals.

Sananda Sarkar

Really Happy & Satisfied with your prompt service & accuracy provided in case of the lenses prepared. Wish to deal with you in future as well!

Parijat Banerjee

Product delivered is as per display and good quality.


Quality of product is good. Product Delivered as displayed on the portal. Also product delivered on time. Would recommend this portal to others. Keep the good work. 

Samannoy Chatterjee

Good service. Friendly customer care executive. Prompt Delivery

Ramu Venkat

very nice contact and prompt delivery!


very Good


Very nice service.

Dibyaprava Debi

Very good eyewear shopping experience.. On time delivery.. Thanks

Ayyappadas Govindan

Very Good Eyewear Shopping Experience and On Time Delivery.. Thanks

Ayyappadas Govindan

Product with good quality, could have done better with getting it shipped faster. All over okay experience.

Tushar Khoshoo

Excellent and prompt service. I would give them 10 on 10.

R Shanmugaraj

Before estimated time delivered.good service & followup.

sanjeev jha

Excellent service.Good follow up by the team till delivery of the product.Great.Keep up the team work.

Saroj Mishra

I love my spectacles ( see now only i have started referring it as "my`") . The moment I tried i knew this is the most suited spectacles for me. It`s amazing.

Himani karn

Very nice service. Got the lenses delivered in just 4 days after ordering. The items were correct and in good shape. Also got the discount and free gifts. Customer service is also good. Highly recommended.

Basanta Bhaduri

Extremely satisfied. I will recommend to everyone!

Supratim Giri

Prompt service, very good packaging. Keep it up. It will be good if you can let the customers choose from a selection of "free gifts" instead of sending the same thing every time.


Very good service


Satisfied with the product. Great Follow up from the sales staff.

Jinesh Mehta

Excellent set of gifts everytime with the order!


Dear Sales Team Deals4opticals - India, I am a new customer of yours. I recently ordered an item with you and immediately after, I got a call from one lady member of your team and she briefed me about the delivery schedules. Well the item I ordered has been received, before the given date as told. But when I open the delivered box, I found it is very nicely packed with suitable water proof materials. Furthermore,I was pleasantly surprised to receive two very small but useful item in the package along with the ordered item. One is a multipurpose small bag and another one was a small new nail-cutter. Both are small but very essential item. And I would like to congratulate the person who conceived this idea. And I would like to tell you here-Dear Sales Team Deals4opticals, you are in the absolutely right track and you mean business. It is known that we the Indian People, always crazy for free-gifts,discounts and offers,you are in the right. Please keep it up and I would like to see you as one of the big online shopping site in India. Thanks once again!!


I liked your services. It is very good and on time. I would like to shop more items from your site and also recommend my friends to shop from your site.

Pawan Jinger

The Goggles were great ... at very good price .... Reliable service ... Thank you ..!!


Good pre sale and post sale service. Customer friendly. Received the lens very quickly than promised. Satisfied very much

Arthi Muralidharan

The delivery was as mentioned and the transaction was smooth. Thanks!

Veena Veerappan

Nice collection of lens and frames.Quick service.

Sanjeev Sharma

quick service and product packed well and was delivered as mentioned

Victoria sundae

Very good online store for spectacles with nice collection of lenses.

Sanjeev Sharma

Service.. par excellence.. It was really "Happiness Delivered".. This is my Second Order... Satisfied at both times, Good Discounts, Prompt Service & on time Delivery, Helpful Customer Service... Always surprised with something getting additional. Ordered only Acuvue 2 lenses but also received Torch FREE... keep the good work going... will recommend to all

Bhavesh Shah

Was delivered the product way before the promised date. Yet to use the product, but content with the overall deal.


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Overall Service was excellent from Purchasing to Paying to Delivery,Wat I lik most was tat a person was following my order through Calls too till my order reached me... Keep Up the great work


Excellent service! Especially it feels good when you take an intiative to call up and update incase there is a delay or whatever the situation may be. I am satisfied. Thank you so much.

Nilanjana Guha

Overall Excellent Service. Completely satisfied with delivery as well as product received.


Your service is great. Keep it up always. Hope to get some other different gifts from you.

Parthiban Kalaimani

Excellent Delivery..... I never expected so fast.... Bad experience in other popular sites


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Better products at good price..Satisfied.


Bought Idee S1766 C1 Product,got with good price and happy with the product,would like to buy few more products from this site

Krishna Tej Vakkalanka

Your service was prompt and I like it!


I am very much happy with the entire process of the order!

I am a returning customer of Deals4Opticals. I am highly satisfied with their services. Commendable efforts made for timely delivery. Also, I would like to add that they also confirmed regarding receipt of consignment, on the next day itself of delivery. This is what is needed in today`s scenario, to retain customers as well as to get new customers.
I purchased contact lenses and solution from deal4opticticals in very reasonable price .This is third time when I ordered them and their services are very satisfactory. I also received a gift every time. one suggestion I would like to give that there should be more choices of gift :)
Great experience and the product quality as well!
pulkit a sidana
Good Service
It`s good!
Good spectacle frame and lens at reasonable price,good customer care service!
I love the experiance of shopping with Deals4opticals. This is my 2nd deal on this site and it has been very very satisfactory. Keep up the good work and excellent service!
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excellent service
Product is good and delivery service is timely. I am regular customer of Deals4opticals. This purchase was third in a year!
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Good service
Jagjit Singh phogat
I`m glad that I chose to shop with you I`m extremely satisfied shopping with you. I`ve shopped twice already both the times I`ve been very pleased.
Pushp Kapur
Very good communication I placed the order in night and next morning I got a call from them asking abt the free gift and also the expected delivery date. It was actually delivered ahead of the promised date. Package was neatly done with proper cushioning. I got the free gift of 4GB pendrive. It was a good experience and I would recommend people to shop with them. Thanks Deals4Opticals.
Sumanth B R
MAny thanks of fulfilling my requirements for spectacle frames which I found very hard to obtain here in Mumbai. I also thank you for making it possible for me to pay on delivery although you dont have such a system for Mumbai. I look forward to doing further business with you. Thanks & Regards. Benny
Benny Almeida
Excellent Service . no mistakes in order , good Packaging and awesome surprise gift ,thankyou !
excellent service
Excellent service, and one of the best customer care i have ever spoken to. They were prompt and took my confirmation if i was ok with a day`s delay. They called and informed me on every step they took, instead of just mailing. Placing the order was easy. Also i received a quite a free items just besides pen drive. Keep it up! going to reorder in future.
Anuj Goyal
Very much satisfied with the service,keep going.
Excellent Service!! Received the Order within 3 Days @ Mumbai. Extremely Satisfied.. Good Customer Service First Great Experience while shopping online!!
Bhavesh Shah
I am always happy with deals4opticals!
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Great Experience!!
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Nice product
Great experience
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Well satisfied with the order and customer service!
alloy phoitong
I am very satisfied with the glasses and with the excellent customer service. Will definitely visit again for any future needs.
Ganesh Nagarajan
Happy and satisfied with the whole process. Thank you
Sajitha S
Very good quality and was delieverd in 3 dayz! :)
Excellent follow up service and good offers on contact lens. The gift was a good touch. (y)
Braven John
Thank you for the fabulous deal and free gifts. Also for the prompt delivery (2days)
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Excellent service
good deal
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In time delivery and good service. Look forward to order again from Deals4Opticals.
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Excellent service.Very happy dealing with you.
Fast delivery with a good quality of packing. I am really happy with shopping on this site.
Chandrakant Agrawal
Great service and great product. Delivered before the committed time. Got what i needed . Overall the website is well made. One thing which is missing is the cash on delivery facility. Else all is good. Thanks
Gagandeep Singh Narang
very fast delivery and there is more option like other shopping portal which is "Cash on delivery".Only one days I am using this product.After few more days of using the product if their any option to feedback then I will sure share it.The quality of product is good.Thank you
Gourab Das
Excellent!!!! product at best price and fast delivery!!! I think better than lenskart. But Need to expand its product collection!!!
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Got very good frame in best price.
i have recieved genuine and original product and recieved very fast good and best service
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the service has been excellent. i received my consignment before the delivery date. 
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Excellent :)
Nice Experience. Good Service. Free Gifts i liked. Thanks
I had a pleasant experience shopping on Deals4opticals. The website was easy to use and fast. After ordering, Ms. Rakhi from the company contacted me to find the convenient courier to Kerala and also to ask for a few days extra due to the Elections (But the courier still came within 1 week.) and to offer me a free gift. The glasses and gift came well packed and with all the Ray-Ban supporting documents, signed and sealed. I wish the quality of packing can be improved, but that is a minor problem. I still recommend deals4optical highly.
George K.
Excellent .......keep going,,,,,,special thanks to shreya ,live chat operator.
Excellent Service and great discount. Highly recommended
Tania Ahmed
Excellent service and great discounts. Highly recommended
Tania Ahmed
Good product
Ahava karen
Very competative rates! Good quality products! Real concern for customer satisfaction. 
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Quality products with cheap prices and great freebies
i would give a ratings of 9 out of 10 for my shopping experience.
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It was a pleasant experience dealing with you. You value your customers.
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Great rates and quick delivery!
Sameer Tangri
The most successful companies like deals4opticals have one thing in common – incredible customer service. These businesses go out of their way to make the customer feel appreciated, understood and cared for. The end result of this is simple but powerful -- a strong connection to the customer that goes deeper than the normal company-customer relationship. Thanks and appreciate your wonderful customer service.
M. Gnanaguruswamy
Great Service and Timely Delivery. Stands out among the clutter. :)
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Good product with nice Freebie & discounts Very Fast shipping
Got it on time.. as expected.. good job done.. thanks
Purchased Tommy Hilfiger 7815, glasses are excellent. Got a free gift as well. Shopping with deals4opticals was very pleasant. Good discount and lowest price. Shipping also very quick. Thanks.
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Thanks for free gift. Very satisfied with service. Keep it up
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The service was really good. Customer care service was excellent. Had a real good shopping experience.
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Iam very satisfied with the product which I purchased from deals for contact lens..............the product I recieved on time without any delay..............
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I am impressed with your quick service. deals4opticals.com is very user friendly. You value your customers.
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Very good service... on time delivery with lots of additional surprise gifts.. So happy with the deal with deals4opticals.com Best online website for spectacles or contact lenses. Thanks team.
Couldn`t find the particular sunglasses on any site but found it on deals4opticals. Very grateful to them.
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Thanks for a wide range of products (other sites didn`t have my prescription lenses) and for prompt service both times!
Ram Mohan
It was my first purchase, product was very good with nice packing. Ya, i would shop again.....
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Fast and reliable service. Quick follow up and great customer support. Keep up the good job.
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Superb service, fast and reliable. Good people to deal with. All the best wishes.
Purchased IDEE sunglasses Genuine product Proper Bill/Invoice along with Warranty tag sealed & signed. Freebies to top all above A++ shopping experience
i am very satisfied with your deal. your personal attention for communication is highly appreciated
I was bit consious about the site. But the moment i received my stuff very next day of order, I was really happy n impressed. "Good Job done" to entire team of deals4opticals
Hina Arora
Even though i had to to wait for some time (due to non availability) to receive the product, it was worth it. The packing was superb and product delivered as required. Thanks.
Binay Mehta
Good Product,Very Fast Delivery, Good Follow-Up and a POLITE conversation. Good Job...
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Very good service, online, shipment everything. COD would have been better for first timers
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Awesome service and fast delivery. Got the product delivered before the committed date. Would strongly recommend the site. Keep up the good work guys!!!!
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These guys are way too efficient. They followed up constantly and made sure that the product got delivered much in advance. Special thank to Rakhi for her willingness to get me what I wanted. Way to go folks!
Naveen Bharadwaj
Very pleased with the service and the promptness of shipment
Excellent customer service and very competitive price points without, any compromise in the quality of the product. Its a pity that this site does not appear sooner in google search. I was given exceptional service from the customer service rep who also made several follow up calls to make sure the product arrived. I`d buy from this site any time and will refer it to friends too.
J. David
Very happy with the service and got a good deal
Best Deal Ever!!! Will visit again for next purchase
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Really nice and efficient service. Good Product and most important follow up done by customer care to make sure product is delivered on time. Appreciate Deals4Opticals service.
Had a great Xperience while shopp`n with you..nice deal...grt gifts..well mannered Tele-service staff. Look`n forward to do more business with you.
Suvam Ghosh
Very happy with the service and got a good deal .
Ashwini Swadi
Great service at 25% discount. They were following up every day to make sure that it was delivered properly. Exceptional service in India.
Got a good deal with an attractive Gift...thank you
Got a good deal with an attractive Gift...thank you :)))
Excellent service attractive gift and good products
Anthony Gomes
Excellent Service.. Thank You..
Amazingly quick delivery .product as promised nice service
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Fast delivery with surprise gift....good deal
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Great deals with lovely gifts....customer service was very helpful! Thanks for the quick delivery! :)
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sumisti saha

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